Tia Gets her first AKC title! 

Tia earned her first AKC title. She got her Rally Novice Title. Capone got his Rally Advanced title as well. I was a little nervous seeing as the last two weeks we hadn’t been training because I was sick. Capone was sick too but that will be another post. It was a very productive weekend for the kiddos, was very proud of them. We still gotta work on Capone being distracted in the ring. But Tia was a rock star. She stayed with me and paid great attention. Was really focused. 


Well I will start with Tia’s echo since that’s where I left off. It went great, she was very normal. Had a small murmur but it’s very small. I got an AVRC kit for both Tia and Capone to send off. I met with Minna and Renee and others for lunch did a little shopping and came home. Good times. Now on to the most recent weekend in Shorewood, IL.  The Chi-town Verein Show. So much fun. I even got to try my hand at being the trial secretary (unexpectedly). However I did not get to show Tia or Capone myself because I was typing judges critiques. Minna showed both for me and I was grateful. Tia got 1st place in her class Brindle Female Youth. Capone got 2nd in his class Open Brindle Male. Sunday both dogs got worked in protection by Kenneth Johnson which was awesome. I will post vids and pics soon from the weekend. 

2017 American Boxer Club Nationals

So starting today in Indianapolis are the American Boxer Club National Specialty. A week full of shopping, health testing, obedience and conformation. I will not be attending the this year because I turned my entries in too late. I am bummed but I think it worked out for the best. Tia is not ready for Beginner Novice or Rally Novice. Capone on the other hand is ready for Novice and Rally Advanced. But we will sit this year out.

I plan on going up to Indy on Thursday to get Tia’s Echocardiagram done. I also plan on shopping and running into Minna (Tia’s Breeder), to chat for a bit. There is a 2017 jacket that I really, really would like to have. But that’s about it as my adventure into the Boxer Specialty goes this year.

May 18th-22nd is our next show we are going to Shorewood, IL for a conformation show. Dan will be traveling with me. We will have both Tia and Capone. Neither Capone or Tia are ready for the working titles yet. Hopefully by the end of the year they will be ready for the breed survey (ZTP), and the Endurance test (AD), and the basic obedience test (BH). We are working hard with them in training. Again I promise to make a post soon about the differences in AKC and IPO and how our training has gone thus far.

Our following show will be May 27th-28th in Evansville, Indiana. I will only be trialing Capone in Novice Obedience at this show.

Training has been going good although our OG Club has postponed training while we transition but a few of us have still been getting together to do Tracking, Obedience, and some Protection work.

I have also picked up a new client that I will post about soon. A 7 month old boxer that I got the privilege to do an evaluation on a couple of days ago. I’m very excited to be working with this boy.

New Addition and updates!!

Whew! I know its been forever since I have written. Its been crazy busy. We expectantly got a new addition to the pack. Introducing Boxnen’s Republic of Love aka “Tia”


She is bred by Minna Nousiainen Becher @ Boxen Boxers. She is an amazing breeder and trainer. I’ve been wanted one of her dogs for a long time. She ended up repoing Tia from her original owner at 10 months old because the owner failed to pay her. She is a very spunky girl. I love working with her. We have also been voted into the OG Louisvile IPO training club so we do that on Sundays with Capone and Tia. Working two dogs in Obedience and Protection is tough, lol. But I am getting the hang of it. IPO is so much more different than AKC but that will be another post. I am very excited about working with Tia.

Dog shows: whew next month is going to be a hot mess. Every weekend I am out of town at a dog show or event.  May 5-7 I’m in Indianapolis for the American Boxer Club National Specialty show. Where I am showing Tia in Rally Novice and Capone in Rally Advanced.  May12-14 I’ll be in Indianapolis for an event. May 19-22 I’ll be in Chicago for a USA Box show and May 26-28 I will be in Evansville, Indiana for an AKC Obedience trial. Very busy month and I’m going to miss our club days on Sundays, ugh.

Rally Weekend w/ Presco

So this weekend me and Mr. Presco went after his Rally Excellent title. It started off very shaky but ended on a good note. There were four trials total (2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday), The first trial we scored 75 which is barely passing…I wasn’t happy. The second show we did better and scored an 81. The third show we totally NQ’d, it was totally my fault instead of redoing 3 stations I just did them incorrectly which costed me 10 points each so I didn’t have enough points to qualify. After the third show a friend told me that when I’m not worried and happy and talking to Presco he perks up. So I decided the next show I was going to be perky and happy instead of worried. Well that paid off his title leg he scored 92 and 1st place. Here are A LOT of pics from the weekend. We had an awesome photographer and of course I bought all the photos.