Christmas Puppies!!!

Well it’s that time of year again. And I’m going to do my obligatory plea about buying puppies as Christmas presents. Yes its great to surprise the family with a brand new 6-8 week old puppy and how could you resist that little puppy face? However you need to think about a few things before you purchased said puppy.

The first thing is you need to ask yourself do you have time for a dog. If you plan on sticking it in a crate all the time because you are never home its probably best that you don’t get a puppy. They need constant attention and exercise especially in this phase of their lives. Potty training can be a bear. Waking up every 4 hours to let the dog out to potty is exhausting, especially if you already work a full time job.

Next, are you financially stable to take care of a puppy? Puppies require a lot financially; vet bills, food, toys, training, crate, collars, leashes, etc. Are you prepared if their is an accident? wither it be an accident or illness can you afford the vet care?

Do research on your breed before getting it. If you are getting German Shepherd just because they are a popular breed, you may need to re think it. Look at the characteristics of the breed. Will this breed be suitable for my family? For example If you want to get a lap dog, its probably not best to get a high energy Belgian Malinois.

Longevity of life. This can be a 10-15 year commitment. You should be aware of that in the beginning. Most breeds live to be 10-15 years, and as they get older they may need special care vitamins, medication, supplements, etc.

So when you go puppy hunting for Christmas, please make sure you take what I have said in this post into consideration. Because it definitely isn’t fair to a puppy to take it home and a couple weeks later discard it because you weren’t ready for the commitment.

2018 Goals….

So since I’m basically bedridden I have had time to think about my goals for 2018.

With Tia I would like her to obtain the following titles: CGC, CD, BH, AD, ZTP, RA.

With Capone I would like for Dan to be able to get his BH. I fear that he might not do so well trying to get IPO titles. But we will see. If not we can just show in AKC Obedience and Rally…we can work on getting his CD, RE, AD, ZTP.

Haus Von D’anellie Boxers…

So eventually I want to get into breeding boxers. So I will use this blog for both Haus of Boxers Kennel and Haus Von D’anellie news. Tia and Capone are my foundation for my breeding program. I’ve already named my kennel, “Haus Von D’anellie Boxers”. Since I am more for the quality of the boxer rather then focusing on one thing (IPO or Conformation). What I mean by this is I want my boxers to be well rounded. For them to be able to do the working IPO stuff and to abide by FCI Conformation standards. Love my logo guys, they came up with logo for the business.

LP72329132-Final-Logo-01 (1)


I dont plan on breeding Tia until she obtains her IPO1 title. I might not wait that long. 2018 I plan on getting her 6 new titles so maybe just sometime in 2019 is when I will breed her. Don’t know who I want to sire her. Capone is as flashy as she is and I fear I would get some white puppies in the mix. But overall I am very excited about my new business venture and the opportunity to better the boxer breed.

I Made it through Surgery!

Yay! I had my knee replacement last Monday. OMG this has been the most painful surgery I have every gone through. And trying to sleep at night is crazy.

Before Surgery, right after surgery, chillin at the In Laws house and at my house.


They got me up like 3 hours after my surgery to walk. Craziness. After the epidural and anesthesia wore off I was hurting like crazy. They pretty much filet my knee. Physical therapy came both days I was in the hospital. I went home when I was released which wasnt too much of a good idea. With Dan being gone to work all day it quickly became a mess. So I got transferred to my in laws house where my mother in law is taking care of me. She is so awesome. Still dont know a time table for when I will be back training but I’m giving myself until March, so maybe this is will work.But the healing is coming a long great so far. I also signed up for a Denise Fenzi Engagement, online class. I’m really excited about. So I’m still doing dog things just not physically lol.

2017 USA Box Working Boxer Nationals


So, we are back from 2017 USA Boxer Working Nationals. I took Tia down with me in hopes of getting her BH title in IPO. I rode with her breeder Minna down. We took turns driving. Geez it was a long drive, about 12-13 hours. Well I’m getting ahead of myself lets start with two weeks prior to us driving down. I had a pre-surgery surgery the week before we were to travel to Florida but all went well with that. I did end up getting sick two weeks before travel and it definitely effected our training schedule.

So with that being said we wasnt our strongest going down to Nationals. But from the few days I had before we left with Tia I was a little confident that we could possibly pull it off. Either way I was determined to learn from everything down in Florida. Here are some photos taken by friend and photographer Lloyd Fulcer.


Trial 1- the 2017 Boxer Working Nationals was on Saturday evening. In the pics I am wearing a gray t-shirt. She decided she did not want to down during the long down. She also decided to run away from me during off leash exercises. We had the field two days before the trial to train on and she did good on Friday but horribly distracted on Thursday. Something we definitely need to work on in the future. We ended up being out of control and not getting the title.

Trial 2- the All breed IPO trial was on Sunday. We decided to stay and try it again after working the field on Saturday night after the USA Box trial. I am wearing a green t-shirt in those pics. Again she decided to run around like it was a game. I think a lot of this had to do with my nerves. She read my nerves and was unsure of everything. I tried to be less nervous during the second trial than I was during the 1st. But outcome was the same. So back to the training field at home.

Everyone was so supportive. That wasnt something I was ready for. Now I know what to work on and cant wait to get back to training….errr after surgery. I’m hoping to be back on the training field by end of January and Mid-February. I also made 2018 goals.

Since 2017 is over, dog show wise because of my surgery. Goals for 2018 are as follows….BH, AD, ZTP and AKC-wise would like to get her RA and CD titles. So thats 5 titles to concentrate on.

Overall in Florida I met great people and had a really good time. Although it wouldve been better if we would’ve gotten that BH but we learned a whole lot from everything. Plus I got my first taste of the IPO field. I am ready to get back to training!

Q & A Time

So this is the first time I’ve done a Q & A….just some questions I’ve been emailed about myself or the business in case anyone else is wondering too…

1. How often do you train your boxers? 

       Right now we are purely focused on Capone and Tia but we do several training sessions a day with both of them. Short training sessions maybe 15-20 mins long. We actually have dry erase boards that we write down our training goals for the week. Also with that said we both work full time jobs outside of Haus of Boxers as well. We also train with schutzhund Club at least twice a week. 

2. What do you train your dog’s in? 

        We started out with AKC Obedience & Rally and now we have added Schutzund  (IPO). We also do European Style conformation. 

3. What organizations do you belong to? 

       We are members of Bluegrass Boxer Club, Greater Louisville Training Club, United States Boxer Association…we currently train with and hope to become members of Greater Cincinnati Schutzund Club soon. 

4. Why do you go to trainers, when you are trainers? 

     Because there is always something to be learned. Just because we are trainers at basic level obedience doesn’t make us experts with our own dogs. We train to gain more knowledge about the sport and our dogs. If you come across a trainer that says they know it all run the other way because they are full of s***. 

5. Who do you look up to? 

     Without a doubt Chris and Minna Becher of Boxnen Boxers. They have helped us so much of  our journey so far in the world of dog sport. They have the knowledge and patience to work with us considering our distance. I will always go to Minna with any question I have first. They are an awesome team. 

6. Where would you suggest getting a boxer from? 

    Again, I refer to Minna and Chris at Boxnen Boxers. They breed for the betterment of the breed and not for profit. They also are very knowledgeable of the breed and they will pair you up with the best boxer for you. 

7. I want to do obedience. Where do I start? 

    Find your local AKC training club. Do your research. Make sure you find a trainer that is well rounded in their approach and theories. Dog training isn’t cookie cutter, each dog is different and requires different tools. 
I will do another one of these soon. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to emails us…  

A vascular Necrosis

So I shared in last post that I will be having knee replacement surgery at the end of November. But I did not say why. I have a disease called a vascular necrosis. Which is a fancy term for saying there is no blood flow and the bone in my knee is dead. So we have to replace it. It is actually happening in both knees as well. So eventually I will have the left one replaced but the right is one we are concentrating on. So wish me luck!!! 

Tick Tock…

Ok, so it’s been a long while since I’ve posted. A long long while. So this may be lengthy. 

Let’s talk training first. Training has been going great. Found a new club to train with Greater Cincinnati Schutzund Club in Crittenden, Ky. Been around for 35 years and they accept off breeds which is awesome. So welcoming. We’ve been training with them since I got out of hospital in July. We train Wednesdays and Saturdays with the club. We also went to a training weekend in Illinois with Minna and Chris Becher. Awesome time. Learned a lot. Had a lot of fun. It was just me and Tia. Left Capone at home. 

Show-wise…we have decided to go for Tia’s BH, her and my first IPO title. We are going for that at Boxer Nationals…November 3rd-5th in Orlando Fl. Me and Minna are driving down together. So excited! Tia is almost super ready. So hopefully her and Fire (her sister that Minna kept) will get their BH’S together.  After that we will be on break for a long while because of my upcoming surgery. October 29th we are doing GLTC Obedience Trial. Tia is going for her BN title. Beginner Novice. In November we will finish up BN title in Evansville. Also going to IABCA Conformation Show in November to get her International Championship title. The GCSC trial is October 21-22nd, this month and I pulled out of it. I don’t think Tia is exactly ready for her BH yet. So I will volunteer my services to help out the club. I also don’t want to risk my knee. 

Seminars…I am taking a AKC Rally seminar this weekend in Evansville because they are changing signs. October 27th and 28th I’m taking a puppy university seminar with a well known IPO trainer in Nashville with Tia. I think Minna and Chris are doing another training before the year ends, hopefully it’s before my surgery. If not I will just go and observe. You can always learn something. 

Speed bump….So November 27th, I will be having major surgery. I will be getting my right knee replaced. So I will be out of commission for a hot minute. So im pushing to get certain things done with Tia before surgery, then we will start training and showing again around March 2018. Hopefully I heal fast and can get back to doing it. 

In light of my knee problems, Dan has taken over handling Capone. He actually works a lot better with Dan. I can see them getting ready for shows as well. 

So as you can tell it’s been crazy busy. Promise to keep updating a little better. So excited about the trials and shows not so excited about the surgery. But will hope it goes well. 
TIA says hi!!!

Tia Gets her first AKC title! 

Tia earned her first AKC title. She got her Rally Novice Title. Capone got his Rally Advanced title as well. I was a little nervous seeing as the last two weeks we hadn’t been training because I was sick. Capone was sick too but that will be another post. It was a very productive weekend for the kiddos, was very proud of them. We still gotta work on Capone being distracted in the ring. But Tia was a rock star. She stayed with me and paid great attention. Was really focused.